Valentine Re-deployable Buildings

Diop Papa Makhtar
2 min readFeb 14, 2021


That’s only how our mind works when we get signals that remind us about an idea or a past experience. This is one of the cognitive processes. what a cognitive process is like?

She sent me this message today and it leads me to this picture of her sitting on the rooftop I saw how the construction was well done and thought about this concept of a re-deployable building that is was and how people thought at that time that it was such a not useful idea. Look now, how we are living in this pandemic era that reminded us that a simple virus can make a wide city stopped and it can surely possibly make it unlivable. For each, We should always try to make what we build deployable on whatever platforms that what software engineering taught me and I just tried to apply it to the Mechanical engineering skills I got What worked quite well. When it was time to think about a home I got interested in civil engineering and just kept this concept of being flexible and migrable. There are so many Migrable Cities (Senegal, Africa ) to build in 10X because remote working is very trending and people are more and more interested in traveling and discovering the world. That’s and advice in this book that says Say travel the world and see how it is modeled for you to believe that your well served.

Today is valentine's day and the word “valentine” in the title of this article is a driver for this concept of using these Re-deployable Buildings for the tourism industry. Remember why I said that we live now in industries not in cities

PS: building this for all these chunks of roads that get sand coming from the beach nearby and driven by the airflow. Discovered all chunk analyzing google map and satellite and physical assessments. the whole project is ready for execution.

we care a lot about the isolative measure when it will get its air isolated and controlled module.

books need clothes and zipper our buildings also.