Podcasts drive online searches

Diop Papa Makhtar
2 min readFeb 14, 2021


The Akimbo podcast by Seth Godin

Drivers were always a concern for software and hardware engineering and in today's era of bots and microservices, they are more and more of concern because I may already have said that we are into the connection economy now and the system or person who is between two parts that seek each other to meet and to connect is the winner and is going to win a lot by doing less.

Podcasts drive online searches like Books, blogs, Radio programs, Tv programs, news, talk shows …. to say every content drive searches in search engines like google or bing.

If you listen to this past Akimbo podcast

The Akimbo Podcast by Seth Godin in Stitcher podcasting platform on android

you can see that The words and names that they are going into in these podcasts are searched in search engines. You just need to track them and spot them on google trend or equivalent tool. I already told you that you have an opportunity for building domain-specific SEO tools with the Verticalization business model concept.

You can use this feature in this software that can be a leader in the industry of best practices software as services.

We are living now in industries, not in cities, this is a design guideline for this game Idea that you have, and don’t forget this typographic idea about cities and books and keep in mind this

for these games and animation movies coming from book adaptation.