TV programs lead to online searches and clicks

Diop Papa Makhtar
2 min readJan 7, 2021
tv drives searches and clicks in search engines

People just search for words and content that they consumed because some questions may remain unanswered or they just want to go deeper into the content. it is sure that the internet has really supplanted the medium of TV but people still are interested in TV programs and are seeing them. The key TV players shifted for sure with the major player being now Netflix like platforms. There is no doubt that TV content that people consume lead to online searches in google or bing search engine. these searches are about the words, places, facts, and topics they hear and see in these TV content. I had this idea some time ago that it is an opportunity to outsource this data by highlighting clearly the impact of TV content on Keyword data and trends. This can be seen as a huge system to be built but it is clearly something that technology can handle now. This system is about listening and converting TV content into text, getting the keywords historical data, and computing the correlation between these two datasets.

That a system to be built? what about this book that was the topic of this TV show you saw last time. How many persons searched the title of the book on google or in Amazon? Isn't it a system for knowing the performance of a book TV promotion?

here is a simple example

I just jump on a past french TV program and saw this documentary that was played in august 2019 on France 5 a French TV Channel I loved to look. this Documentary was about the great historical places in France like Chateau de Chantilly. I am almost sure that this trend of the keyword of Chateau de Chantilly was due to the TV documentary.

TV program impacts on google search

What other example do you have?

you can take other words in the description of this TV document and see the correlation with keyword data and trends.

From prime Time to Primed search keywords

Hey, that’s the primed word theory (Kahneman Daniel)that works here word you lastly consumed is right there in your system 1 ready to pop up first. this is something to extend and highlight clearly with a deep study.

Get your TV program and Get your keywords historical data and study this because marketers need it.

This is a narrowed idea of a broad idea that I went into in a past post title real-life discussions impact online search