Sorry because I did not keep my promise

Some days ago I promised to write and publish a long article that goes into the saga, I was tempted to say Sega, of GameStop's stock squeeze and I sincerely since I pronounced this promise started to write this article that I was willing to be longer than the articles I usually publish. But as I was writing this article and feeding it with data, it started to become longer and longer what leads me to think about the idea of transforming it into a book. I was planning to publish a book since last year and I have a lot of book ideas that I started writing because I was believing that it is today still possible to be a successful book packager like Seth Godin with his venture the domino project that still inspires me a lot now. That’s what encouraged me to start writing in Medium in order to improve my writing skill. I don't know if I get better day by day but I am still writing. Here are some of the books to package

So Gamestop, Anatomy of a stock Short bubble is now planned to be a book, not a medium article, and here is the actual cover of Gamestop, Anatomy of a Stock Short Bubble

On the cover, you can see the image of Alex kidd which has something to do with me because I use to play this game with a Sega when I was a kid in the 90s. I already wrote about that here. This book is now the book project that has the most progress done because I had started it with the goal of keeping a promise to a medium a tiny medium audience of people like you

and a supporter like

But like Seth Godin says in the Practice, the practice has nothing to do with the outcomes. I think it is a piece of excellent advice from a very insightful person. Just learning to joggle by only throwing because I know that the catching will take care of itself.

Throwing words, maybe a day we will catch a book from these words.



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