This graph shows the end of the industrial economy

the connection Economy

I hope this graph will help you see clearly that we are leaving an industrial economy and entered already into a connection economy driven by technology and network. If I had plotted also engineering, marketing, finance, design and computer I could tell you how they are going together like cores and how computer link them as it does with middleware and third-party systems, services and applications. Third-Party Engineering is this new skill that is so valuable in a connection economy where being in the middle of the transaction is the most valuable position for success. You can see this with all the last successful companies of this connection economy like google, amazon, Facebook, Uber, Twitter — what if that was the logo of the companies I am typing that was outputted rather than the text. It could be a nice functionality to have like this functionality I highlighted in one of my last short stories.

Network and technology are trying to imitate our brain while industry tried successfully with our physical parts like hand and foot … will bot be smarter enough to be us is not the question. The real question is how can we make these three cores go together and draw the curve industry did in the past?



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