The web code refactoring era

Diop Papa Makhtar
2 min readJan 15, 2021
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web technologies have made huge progress since the first HTML pages. Year by year HTML markups language has been improved with new features. it went from static blocks to dynamic ones with DHTML. Then PHP was born making the web experience more dynamic with the append of backend database driven by database technologies like MySQL on the server-side. On the client-side Javascript came up with a promise of making the user interface and experience more interactive and smart. Javascript kept its promise and the numbers speak for themselves with 10 million developers around the globe, nearly 68% of developers use Javascript and the number of websites with javascript is astounding. the features of this language are improved year by year with core functionalities like promises for asynchronous tasks and it is rich with a lot of amazing frameworks and tools like nodeJs, react, angular, chartJS, D3 …. But as the web is going more and more live and real-time and the resources to stream in the browser are being bigger and bigger, speed is becoming a real issue. speed has always been a key improvement criterion for the whole tech industry and the internet doesn't stand away from this improvement. But with the rise of real-time platforms like zoom, slack .. that deal with virtual working and team communication, gaming realtime experience with platforms like twitch, speed is a matter. Hopefully, we still have room for improvement because we made progress with functional programming that we respawn from lisp, and language like Rust and WebAssembly are for sure a good melting pot to get the web application faster. For everything, there are early adopters and laggers, first entrants and new comers. Be early because being slow will make you lose users, traffic, and revenues. There is an opportunity to refactor your web code base for making it faster. Take it because you have a good reason to do it because Google also will soon take into account speed when it is about the ranking of search results.

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