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It’s now more than two years since I am publishing on Medium. My most successful article has 10K reads and this article was able to supply me at least +$400 of revenue if I was part of the partner program of medium in which I could not be part of because I am living in Africa particularly in Senegal a west African country that is not part of the place where writers could benefit from the Medium partner program. I don’t know why but I believe that I could earn stable revenues by writing and by publishing on the internet be it in medium or substack or my own publication outlet or other publishing platforms like seekingAlpha. I could also exploit automation for articles like these about CVW for covering and optimizing the article that I will be writing this automation could make it easier for me to write articles about earnings and growth of public companies and you could remark that I could offer this automation that I am talking about as a SaaS.

The only two ways for me to actually be part of medium’s partner program is to actually make a trick by using an IP address that would make Medium’s team think that I am located in a country that is part of its partner program or to open a company in USA using stripe and to use this company for participating in the Medium partner program by using its name and bank account. This solution that uses stripe is actually the most professional solution but it requires at least $500 to set it up.

I don't know if it’s worth it but I could also use this company for these ideas that I am trying to bootstrap and get funded. This seems to be worth it. But how I could actually get $500 for opening a company in the USA? Maybe crowdfunding? Maybe asking people? I don't know how but my life will be better if I had a stable source of revenue that will allow me to eat and pay for the high-speed internet and electricity that I need and maybe for renting a small space where I could live and work instead of my mother’s home where I am actually living and not being in peace with most of my family members who think that I am wasting time acting like how I am actually acting by ideating and writing about what I think is important work to be done that I am actually doing drip by drip like what I am doing sitting here on this chair and setting 55 minutes of continuous typing of this paper I had written days ago. It’s now more than a decade that I am in this situation living with a small amount of money that people give me while I have all these ideas that could make me richer while easing the work and life of others.

Writing seems to be the activity that requires less upfront cost because all it requires is to read for more knowledge and write and publish what I think is worth sharing with you. Writing this last sentence, I thought that I could at the same time learn for getting this advanced English Certificate that could help me work for an international company and immigrate to the USA where I call think tech my life will be more productive and worthwhile because most of the ideas that I have are for developed countries and that’s where I think they will be more exposed to careful eyes. I don't know. I don’t know. I don’t know but God knows if I know or not but I think that I know really many about business and technology and that I could and will be a successful technologist and entrepreneur if I keep the same cap but I am thinking that if get this financial independence I will be getting to this point of success faster.

Here I zapped this long paragraph in which I was pressing God to help me get this $500 when I was writing these word

For these ideas of using stripe business registration, the name of the company to use is what is intriguing me because I am willing to also use this same company for other of my ideas. As for my publishing activity, I had taken the name Book Dojo I thought about PubDojo but ended with this name that is Digital Dojo which could fit as a startup that designs and develops digital content and platforms of all kinds but a few years ago, I had applied to stripe company registration with this same activity description and they rejected my application at that time I had an influx of money that were covering this cost. This money finally went to funding some car programming machines that ended in the hands of some local professionals here who thought that they were profiting from my naivety while I was and still thinking that I was supporting local entrepreneurs whose hands and eyes can’t go further than the corner of the city where their business is based when mine is able to reach wider and bigger market than them. As for any good action and charity, there is always something to get in return because God always wants to give to charitable people more than what they offer for them to give again more than they were able before because God loves sharing.

I have written many of these words above on July 11, 2022, Today august 20, 2022 I have shared many businesses idea with two that I know are willing to start a local business here in our country. They were not so willing to put money on the table and to work with me on these ideas but rather tried to get many ideas from me what I did because I know that every time, I share a good idea a better one takes its way and will be soon or later be highlighted to me. For example, for these car key programming device that I have let others take and use I have actually a better idea about car key programming that is way better than the local market these local professionals are targeting because this one is worldwide. That will be the same for these ideas I have shared today. This ideas about a fuel, this idea about chicken subscription business, this idea about a plant for manufacturing branded paper bags (but there is this … plant that is more interesting than what I have shared)

When first writing this on July 11, 2022, I minded about this dream in which I was in my beloved college school this only college that is still a stigma of my past that I am remembering with a bit of sense of good achievement. In this dream, I met with one of my past classmate who were pointing me in front of the door of the school the place, the Dojo, where I use to go every afternoon for seances of Judo and this other schoolmate in sport outfit in front of his car showing me a ticket of 1000 of local money (a bit less that two dollars). I remember that in this dream when I was leaving the school many young men were following me as if they were asking me for something I don’t know if they were students of the school of villagers but I saw them running and following me as if I was a star but the path that I had taken is not the principal entry but the small entrance that leads to the village this entry that we mostly used to take and this often when we had not the permission to leave the school. Who knows maybe this dream is linked to what I am leaving now but it seems like it is related to what I have been writing here as it’s when I was writing this that I got reminded of this dream. But as this writing sounds like if I am asking for money I am thinking and believing that the teenagers that I saw cursing me was young villagers who were asking me for money. Who knows maybe they were students of this college. I hope that this dream was not telling me that I am acting like a beggar. Remark that it’s after this dream that I saw my classmate take the role of second officer of this college taking the place of this other older collegemate I saw in this same dream who was that time the second officer.

For the name of this company I was talking about Digital Dojo was on my mind as a continuation of this publishing startup that was named book dojo but I thought also about Solutions Dojo in order to not make this company sounds like it’s only about digital things (remembered kara swisher while writing digital things that’s a normal cognitive process. At least in my opinion). Then the writing and publishing activity that I was talking about could be solutions journalism publication on Medium (remembered a portion of this dream where I saw this minister of communication of my country in front of a retail store still in construction and I could highlight you that one of the two I was talking with was constantly telling me that he has an empty retail space that is there doing nothing while he is paying the bill but this for me was just for telling me that he is actually a successful man — I hope he is because success is what I hope to everybody who wants it because this life is not a zero-sum game) long parenthesis apologize.

Writing this I minded this advice of this classmate of this same college who once said me by phone when we had spent a decade without seeing each other, write your article and publish them but when I heard him saying that I thought that he was advising me to take the academic path by making scientific publications and trying to get a doctorate, a PhD or something like that but sound like he was unconsciously telling me the future because now I am associating his saying with this then maybe people who care about us can tell us unconsciously our future and the path we should take .

I hope that I will spot early this kind of saying if they exist and I hope you do too.

PS: this writing is a bit personal and is published for sake of getting something published because it has been longtime that I have not published something here. So apologize if it’s a bad experience reading it and thank you for reading



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