The new Tool of the Job Marketplace

In one of my lat light post, I was saying that there is still a space for building a search engine for finding and connecting with interesting people. This kind of search engine can very useful for hiring purposes. It for sure rely on personal surfing history. The search engine should get trust from people to let it digest and work on their browsing history. A dead startup, GameLayers which was built by Justin hall tried to make our browsing history an asset for gaming, allowing us to surf the internet like we were playing a massive game-like world of warcraft. This startup experience gives me an inside that it could be used by the recruitment teams for assessing the skills of candidates. Will be the coming recruiting processes more based on your search history? I think the answer is yes and your online writings will also play a major role if you want to show that you're the fit for the defined job position. I am diving into the textbook of this failed startup for understanding what they had done bad and good and how I can make its resurrection. Sometimes a failed idea can resurrect an interesting marketplace. For instance, it is about the job marketplace.

This new job hiring process can help companies find the linchpin candidates and job seekers, the linchpin jobs to take. More about linchpin jobs here



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