The new cloud hosting marketplace

the new cloud marketplace

Cloud operators will only become data providers. They will all leave the compute side to the browser serving just the data needed for theses browser to work on for displaying the Ux to the visitors or customers. 15 years before when I was thinking about the cloud, I took the opposite view. I was thinking that the internet was going to retake the mainframe architecture of the early days of computers. This is the path that the cloud ecosystem first took. This architecture was able to allow users to use their computers with less power, just enough for displaying the UI and doing the network data request. Company like Wise was trying to exploit this. I remember some of my colleagues working on this kind of project when I was trying to industrialized the deployment process of our company. I was for sure more interested in their project. This had the benefit of allowing people to spend less in computing power and the internet companies hold all the computing systems and data. The trend I see now with all these serverless solutions and the improvements brought by javascript for complex operations done by browsers client-side tells the opposite. Internet companies will spend less and less while all the operations needed by their processes will be done by their users' computers through browsers. It’s my opinion about the cloud marketplace. I drafted this kind of solution 2 years ago and computed the benefits that companies managing big content websites driven by CMS like WordPress could get. It was more than 40% of cuts on cloud operating expenses. Cloud will be storage only driven. The hardware used by data centers will follow this trend. CPU will have a bad moment while GPU and SSD will grow exponentially.

A big hardware change is coming into the hosting marketplace.

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