The Domino Effect, everyone’s an expert

Experts used to leverage the secret knowledge they had in order to provide consultancy services to companies and persons that had problems. Information used to be a scarce resource that someone used to acquire spending years of collecting and learning data and mostly reading books. Today, The internet has made information accessible and wide open for everybody to consume it and to play with it. The abundance of information, of course, raised other issues like the difficulty of filtering the true from the false, the useful from the dump, the marketing-driven from the knowledge-driven. In this world of information abundance, everyone is an expert and everybody can master a field overnight. The difficult part is to do things that matter for people who will care enough to share around them because the key characteristic of the internet is that it makes connections easy. Meaning that this piece of text I am writing now can travel the Atlantic ocean in less than a second and be shared by one, two, or millions of people. That’s the domino effect, this effect that all online marketers are trying hard to get because the cost of advertising is increasing day by day and is lowering profit. You can’t build a sustainable business by buying or stilling attention.

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