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look at my preceding post to know why the following question.

What will happen if you remove the database server?

Removing database server from a marketplace tech stack

The answer is you will pay less in infrastructure. But how can you get the data of the listing you don't have a database server. If we take again our example which was the marketplace ETSY

ETSY marketplace page

You can see that the elements of the listing are almost static.

These data records can be stored in preprocessed JSON files. These JSON files will be saved into the webserver. For a cloud infrastructure, they will be saved into a storage server like Cloudfront for Amazon or Azure CDN for Microsoft. I computed the pricing difference using different cloud providers but it is a long complex spreadsheet that I cannot share here. It will be part of the book I am writing about this topic. CDN is way cheaper than DB whatever database system it is. Know that It is not a simple Architecture to implement because it needs a refactoring of the code of your platform. This refactoring may not be an opportunity for a small traffic website but a high traffic website can make a big cost saving by implementing this simple solution which avoids the requests from the database server.

Here is the solution

Solution for hosting the marketplace listing using CDN like Cloudfront from Amazon

But What will happen if we don't use CDN?

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