Thank You very much and Goodbye

To every one of you who has been the subject of an article of the Greyio Heart experiment and all those who have engaged themselves with the articles. Let me tell you that you all are great human beings, people like you are the raison d’etre of this web of computers that we name the internet. With algorithms only the web is boring but if it embeds interactions with people who care, it clearly becomes a lever and a connection engine. That’s the idea behind idea emb..., this venture which is the mother of BooK Dojo and Godda Game.

I am, as the only one involved in these three venturing projects, more attristed because it’s not only the greyio Heart experiment that ends but all these publications in Medium that we’re about sharing and learning with the goal of having more insights for writing and publishing the best data-driven books, for building the best book-driven platforms and for designing better and new gaming experiences. More than 518 published stories, ideas, rants, and not kept promises.

In one of my last articles, I was talking about the scarcity of resources for running all these projects. But this scarcity was not still keeping me from running but now all that remains me for continuing the journey is a very strong and long-living Samsung A10s smartphone, some pens, and some recycled paper what makes all that will follow be more about reading and writing on paper until I find a mean for sharing again with you creative and.. People.

I sincerely regret to not be able to continue publishing until comes this powerful computer equipped with enough storage, enough memory, and enough graphical power to do high-resolution 3d modeling and build data-intensive AI and machine learning models. until These two wide enough screens for a clear point of view. I have no opinion about the past event that happened to basecamp with racial concerns but I do agree with Joel Spolsky and his opinion about the importance of two screens for software engineers, an opinion that you can discover by reading his book below

in this last paragraph, I said a lot of times the word enough and was willing to delete them because I won’t that you who have engaged yourself into what I was doing think that it’s like I was saying to you enough and was quitting. I am sincerely thankful to all of you, Predict NFT, DataDrivenInvestor , Medium, @dd, Pratik Chauhan Alan Prisch, dcse2020, Patrick Kobler, David Andrew Wiebe, Eva Yi Zhengeng, Omar Imam, Aanya Khanna, A. S. Deller, George Angelopoulos, Tingyo Tan, Nevin Katz,, Brox Baxley, Jun Song, Mbenda Ndour, Maya Bello, Tascha, kara swisher, Seth Godin, Sarah Kunst, Akimbo, Alex and Natacha, Sam and Aidan, Kymberly Bryant, ramli, deanna kizis, Linday Goldman, Jacob cass,..and all the folks from NTF and Predict, DataDrivenIvestors, these publications who accepted my dump and bad short articles. They all proposed that I work for them but I was not willing to be constrained by money for writing because not owning the medium of publication was already a constraint the made me not publishing some of my ideas because they would hurt the Medium of publication and learning to write was the goal, not money.

I apologize to you for hiding information from you just for pleasing others. That’s what I would not continue doing, I want to be more sincere with you.

I learned with the Greyio Heart Experiment that if I don’t own the medium of publication then the experiment will not benefit so much from your thankful engagement in Twitter and this will surely hurt you from connecting with others and getting status and rewards. Learned that It could have been done into medium only without Twitter but providing more channels is better for you because whatever my opinion about the misbehavior of social media I think and agree that they are important for the world because they connect people and connected people have more chance to achieve something easier. In fact, that was already the assumption at the beginning and that’s what was stated here as an advice to you

This computer will be the mean for finishing all these prototypes of Book-driven platforms, alternative data models (finance, books, games), and gaming experiences and for all of them to be Minimum Viable Products that you will benefit from.

For the data-driven books, they all are almost ready to publish if It was about Kindle publishing or Noodle publishing but it’s not about that but about another way of consuming books and making them a medium that creates connections among people and ideas.

Glad that At Book Dojo there are prototyped solutions for that to happen. The only book that could go without these prototyped solutions is this book I talked about when I wrote about Mbenda. this one I will be able to finish it with my hands and pens and I hope without pain and it can be a kindle and noodle published book because it is more of an inspirational book than a data-driven book. For the data-driven books also will continue to write them by hand and finish the data models once the computer is there and it will.

PS: apologies for not making all the links in this article and GOODBYE, you are great. here below is the state of these publications, 521 published, 54 drafted, and 5 reponses




​Papa makhtar Diop is before anything a geek or a nerd or both if you want. Geek and nerd are now overused but they used to name a knowledge driven person.

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Diop Makhtar

Diop Makhtar

​Papa makhtar Diop is before anything a geek or a nerd or both if you want. Geek and nerd are now overused but they used to name a knowledge driven person.

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