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There is this trending thing of software engineers streaming their life on YouTube like if they were rockstars what they aren’t.. Yes, spolky, giving a software engineer a personal office and the number of computers and screens he or She needs do increases productivity. I have no doubt about this but software engineers I used to see wore shit piece of shirt they Had dirty hair. They were so passionate about computers and code that they didn’t have time to spend for taking care of themselves if it was not just eating this part of pizza nearby their computers and just drinking this bottle of coke. Most of us forget how soda brands are tight to coding experience. I saw no soda brands exploit this fact even coca-cola which I think has more accompanied coders in their nights of coding experience. Just search for coca near the computer and see. That’s the same as coffee that’s not anything if Java has chosen this logo. Now, software engineers use so many styles and kinds of mugs and gadgets .... is this a culture change? of course, the success of startups like Microsoft, Apple, Google and more recently Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Uber, Twitch, Twitter has something to do with this change. But does this change impact well us software engineers? does it give coming software engineers the gut and feel that they have chosen a path of problem-solving not one of self-caring? Software engineers I see now a day don’t give the image of problem-solvers, solution-seemers or passionate geeks....... that’s what software engineers should show, they should show and inspire problem-solving, system-thinking, designing..... because it is not about us but this. When a product goes upmarket it becomes average because it must fit everybody. That what happened to the software engineering field. the success of these startups made the field go upmarket and Everyone can be software engineer with some online courses or a degree. No, it is not this piece of paper you got from university or an online learning playform that makes you a software engineer. Bill doesn’t have it, Spolsky doesn’t have it, Wozniak neither. They all are software engineers, No everybody cannot be software engineer and everybody will never be software engineers. We are software engineers because it is not about us but about this problem we are trying to solve, this system we are building or tuning. Yes software engineers like us do things like this. Don’t talk to me about open source. It went upmarket like software engineering. Will go into this in my coming post for you software engineer to read and act on it. We, software engineers, are people of systems and code because that all we care about making change happen by engaging people with algoritms and systems. It is not a work it is a way of living and believing. Becoming a software engineer is not easy because it will never be easy to put your ego away and focus on us, this community of software engineers.

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