Reputation systems for marketplaces and market networks

Reputation system for complex n sided marketplaces or market networks

As marketplaces involve relationships between people, trust is something that should be taken into consideration. Each participant must be scored according to its behavior in the marketplace. This scoring can be as simple as it is done in eBay into which the seller and the buyer leave feedback after each transaction experience. Nonetheless, reputation systems into a complex n sided marketplace can be more sophisticated and done by complex statistical models that consume past participants' experiences for outputting reputation scores. The Paypal fraud system can be seen as an example of a reputation system. For tomorrow's coming complex marketplaces with a lot of types of participants, it is worth working now on reputation systems that use artificial intelligence for providing participants reputation. With bots becoming smarter and smarter, this reputation system should be able to detect and defeat bots participants into coming markets networks. I think it is a very interesting area to work for a startup and this will for sure be high in need for coming years as major marketplaces are becoming markets networks and bots software companies are proliferating. Reputation systems should be strong and smart enough for promoting relationships between trustworthy participants and even between bots because you must keep in mind that bots will be allowed in future marketplaces and market networks. I will write about how bots will be legally allowed in future marketplaces and market networks. Bots reputation systems are so another interesting field to work on whether it is for marketplaces or not.

But before starting to think on building reputation systems for n sided complex marketplaces or market networks, it is important to know what reputation is for that you can look THIS



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