My turning or pivot writing point

For nearly two years I have been writing and sharing ideas, thoughts, and opinions here. I was not expecting to be read by people like you because I knew that I was not worth reading and my English level was not so pleasant to read. My goal was to ignite inside me the gut of daily writing and to use this activity of writing as a practice that could help me structure my thinking while exposing myself to the external world and the internet is just for that, a medium of discovery and exposition of not only data and information but also of our own self.

During this writing and sharing journey, I’ve discovered many curious people like you eager to read because they know and believe that the right data that could turn into the right information that could help them make the right decision could come from everywhere and every one of us. For that, I am very thankful to anyone who’s spent as little as a microsecond one of these … articles of any length I have published here.

I have been publishing articles about topics as diverse as software engineering, the business of technology, cognitive science, marketing, and others all of them fuelled by my curiosity and reading of books by many authors but also by exploring the internet and discovering the interesting profiles, skills, and creative and meaningful works and life of people like you. This what’s I have always taken as the magic of the internet and this magic is still happening even if the internet is now filled with marketing and advertising bots designed to steal our attention and sell us things.

Diversity of interest is important for learning and for discovering ideas but at some point in time specializing in one specific field while keeping eyes on what’s going on in other fields helps have more impact. I knew that since but as you may know it is difficult for a curious person to specialize until he or she discovers something interesting enough to keep his or her curiosity headed on this specific thing. I think that I found this thing, this particular topic to which I could stick on, study, and work on it as my contribution to the progress of our society and I am hopefully eager because this topic really intersects with my experience and knowledge about technology.

So what this thing is?

Artificial Intelligence for Computational Investigative Journalism

as I did before I will be writing about my journey in this field in the coming days as I am setting myself to be well-armed to start this new path what was the why of my long publishing break. This was not about to be longer than that, neither to point out something interesting but just about me then thank you for reading.

PS: my interest in journalism is all about Power, Monolopolies, and competition in technology



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Diop Papa Makhtar

Diop Papa Makhtar

​Papa makhtar Diop is before anything a geek or a nerd or both if you want. Geek and nerd are now overused but they used to name a knowledge driven person.