Many marketplaces can save cost with serverless

many marketplaces can save cost with serverless

I hade written some days agon that CPUs have a bad time because many applications will use hardware driven by GPU. This hardware architecture shift is due to the rise of artificial intelligence applications and I said that it is still a very good idea for a startup to jump on. But there is not only a shift in hardware but software architecture is shifting also due to serverless offered by almost all major cloud providers. Serverless architecture split code into multiple chunks of code that execute on servers only if they are called. This reduces the operating cost of applications running into the cloud. a lot of frameworks, CMS … must follow this new development architecture. If yours is not implementing serverless your for sure losing money that can be invested elsewhere. I made two years ago a study which tools a lot of major online services and computed the value they would gain if they had shifted to serverless. there were millions of dollars of savings for a major marketplace like upwork, ETSY and Medium… and platforms like that. Do you think that Amazon, Google, Microsoft, or cloud providers like them will highlight this change? They have money to lose by showing you how to exploit this.



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