Life is a program like Windows Linux Subsystem

Windows Linux Subsystem

When you try something be sure that exceptions will be raised and you will manage yourself to handle them with this function precisely coded for that. Life seems to be like a computer program; but does this help the software engineer have a good one?

When you use a Windows Linux subsystem, it is already a production promotable system that you can export and deploy on the hardware or virtual machine you want. it is for sure better than developing all your software using your Windows operating system directly. Even if you are using Linux, hosting software in development on your development operating system is not part of the best practices. Maybe there is a best practice as service software about this that one can build and launch as a startup. It is not a good practice to host the software you're developing on your dev operating system because it will not be isolated and as it happen often we software engineers are always installing new tools and software on our computers. This operating system state changes can conflict with the software we are developing leading to unexpected bugs that can be hard to fix if don't guess early the conflicts. Even if we find software or updates conflicting, it will take time to go back and restore our system while time is a scarce resource. How many times did you get in front of two conflicting software? this happens a lot, so WSL is a good solution for a software engineer willing to work with Windows operating systems. You can tell that WSL is like Kubernetes, or Docker or virtual machine software like VMware but I think that it is way challenging with WSL. Lighter and faster is what a production operating system should be because in production IT resources are scarce like time. That’s why while in development we can have a server with a VUI and CMD but when it is time to deploy in production the VUI and all development tools that were installed can be extracted from the OS making it lighter and faster.

IT resources must be optimized for low cost and high capacity and capability.

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​Papa makhtar Diop is before anything a geek or a nerd or both if you want. Geek and nerd are now overused but they used to name a knowledge driven person.

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Diop Makhtar

Diop Makhtar

​Papa makhtar Diop is before anything a geek or a nerd or both if you want. Geek and nerd are now overused but they used to name a knowledge driven person.

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