Hebrew, arabic, roman or python all languages matters

If we want to understand how our brain works studying and understanding all languages alive or died, natural or computerised matter because a language is like a mathematical function that matches a word with a set of ideas, concepts and things. This function is surjective and tend to be bijective when time goes so understanding the dynamics of this help us understand how we used to see similarities and how this point of view changed in time. This great anthropologist who wears the name of this university of my country used this years before to link Egyptians with us africans. It is amazing to see that this methodology is doing great works and putting the understanding of our brain further with the passion and science of other professors. Genres are important because if you understand them you can navigate from genre to genre. This methodology of studying and understanding things with languages that used to be applied in archeology, anthropology and history is now applied to cognitive science. Scientifical tools are important because once you master one you can use it in different genres if you learn how to see.

Be rigorous with your science is what this professor instructed to all young African of all time because science is the only thing that will make our continent stand out but we still entertain where we should teach and learn.

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