Considering too

I am considering to scale to other content platforms and publishing ideas into them as I do in medium. Opened a blog in imprint and will be posting there also. Remember that posting online content is a way to travel through the past. A way to pin ideas as we do with these block notes we used to hold but here they are shared and everybody can access and benefit from. I don’t know if it will be a switch from medium to imprint but will give try to print and compare with medium. For sure the medium paywall has something to do with the decision about the content that gets pushed in front of readers and of course I want people like you to read. So being in front of you is an absolute goal for me but I know the first thing to do to make it happen is to simply write down my ideas and thought and share them in whatever platform I can. It happens that it also can be done here

​Papa makhtar Diop is before anything a geek or a nerd or both if you want. Geek and nerd are now overused but they used to name a knowledge driven person.