Cognitive context switching

Don’t forget how analogy help come up with innovative and breakthrough technology and how it was applied to discover all the good things we are using today like planes, cars, computers. Context switching applies to your thought process also as it does in software engineering. You should switch from thinking this to that in order to benefit from the benefit of analogy. The cognitive glasses I was talking about in fact are not like the real glasses we have. The cognitive glasses stack up in layers. Each one on top of the precedent like a queue. But this one is a LIFO. The last cognitive glass is the actual idea we are dealing with but as that is stacked the other style applies a few of their effects on your idea trying to adapt their own characteristics to the characteristics of the actual idea you are experiencing. The fact that the whole cognitive process is about classification and patterns discoveries produce a new genre of interpretation and execution of ideas that is a kind of metamorphosis born from the union of the different contexts between which we are switching.