Diop Papa Makhtar
2 min readJul 15, 2021


I knew of celebrities but not still cerebrities, in case you don't know who cerebrities are, they are those who remind us of things that matter for us and they often do it by doing things that matter. From all genres, categories, industries, sectors, and geographies they are leading us with what they achieve.

These cerebrities of course are for sure celebrities and really deserve that the Greyio heart expriment shed light on who they are, what they have achieved and now set to achieve. It’s not about biographies but about giving. Giving these pieces of words and links to thank them like what we have done with all these articles below that was sincere and named “thank you articles”

During this experiment here is how we named our headquarter

Cerebrities is just a naming but for algorithms, we prefer naming things accordingly that’s why we don't still use these names of powerful algorithms for exploiting this strange algorithm.

You may say that at Emb.., Book Dojo, Godda Game we like naming things.

we could just say as an answer that we believe in

and we run through our way to success with this belief in mind, leaving footprints for others to also succeed because it is without the what of the article below.

Hope you will be part of those persons but wherever you will be your part of, we agree that

PS: Book dojo’s graphical designer (me) had not enough time for adding a Heart to the featured image because we were not willing to make you wait for reading.