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Aretha Franklin

Just finished reading the Practice the last book from the brilliant marketer and thought leader Seth Godin and since then I am currently consuming a lot of content that is just ignited by the fact that I have consumed this single book. So all these links, podcasts, books I looked for were just driven by this past book reading experience.

here is

My browsing history after reading the Book the practice

This is so obvious to say that book reading experience-driven online actions but to date, there is no single platform that could track this behavior for the benefit of the book publishing industry and the readers.

Google trend is there to remind us that book reading drives searches online

When I read the history of Aretha Franklin and her bag narrated by Seth Godin I had just stopped reading and went to google to see this

She always put her bag on the scene because it was the only way for her to get her money safe.

When you look at the trend of the search term Aretha franklin and compare it with the term the Practice, You can just see that I am not the single person in the world who got into this kind of behavior

here it is

Yes Book Experience drive searches online and tracking this behavior is the purpose of this

Book Cube from Embeddables

PS: Now I know this story of Aretha Franklin I will never see A woman bag as I did before because my mind got a new pair of Cognitive glasses that will filter out my past beliefs about women’s bags.

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