Bookable or Bookinizable scientific papers

This is the next tech-enabled platform that will try to introduce to the public interesting scientific studies that have been done by expert scientists, studies proven to give a more meaningful view to those who understand them because they highlight scientifically proven facts that open new perspectives. That’s the task that I have been into for a year now with this tech-enabled project book Dojo that I was taking as something for my own but something to share with everyone who wants to get involved in it. For my own

To get everyone involved in this tech-enabled initiative, I designed and developed a tech-enabled platform that let everyone who finds an interesting scientific opinion and/or paper interesting enough to be published as a book to submit it for Book Dojo to handle all the process and hassle to produce this book and put it in front of those who are eager to read it. The first step of this process was to connect whom who has the bookinizable idea and with a cover designer and a book writer if he or she is not one for them to produce the first instantiation of this book with a beautiful text and an introductory article that summarizes what point this book will make for the reader. As the kind of book that this venture project will gonna publish are all grounded in scientific discoveries, studies, and proofs that deals with quantitative facts I have decided to categorize t data-driven book as a new genre of books that embeds datasets that the reader and everyone else could use to expand the topics or make another point

you can see that this tech-enabled platform could have Bookinazble as Name and that the domain name is here available to buy with Godaddy

but the question I was always asking myself is why book publishing while there are all these great tech-enabled ideas in other industries more profitable and bigger than the book publishing industry? what am I doing in this small and almost monopolized business while you have the opportunities of creating new tech-enabled competition-free businesses. In the beginning, a year ago I saw a methodology that I could apply to disrupt incumbents in this industry using the lens of the theory of disruptive innovation by sir Clayton Christensen and my ambition was motivated by a past project called the domino project experimented in the past by sir Seth Godin.

Now Book Dojo is strong with zero books published but dozen of book-driven platforms that could be profitable and useful to book lovers and book communities. The constraint that I am facing is to try to operate such kind of venture far from where its most meaningful audience is, I mean far from developed countries like the US, UK, and why not France. Here in Africa I strongly believe that thanks to the power of the internet I could run a successful venture that targets an audience based in a developed country or the whole world. In fact, I have hundreds of such kinds of tech-enabled business models that could be operated anywhere and the last pandemic era that we have experienced and the “remotization” of teams make me believe more and more than entrepreneurs are not constrained by geographic borders but being close to where the thing matter could be an important opportunity to really connect with people that can help level up and make things faster. I have here in my draft an article entitled Silicon Valley is the valley of solutions that tries to highlight to you that silicon valley is more than a geographic place but the mindset that anyone could adopt whatever where he or she is living but close to silicon Valley geographically could be the next step of all these meaningful works I am trying to achieve with technology and science.

You can be the author of the book based on this interesting scientific paper that is very complicated for nonscientists to consume and understand. You could be this connector that connects scientists to a broader audience of curious and passionate persons interested in science but with fewer scientific tools and knowledge. By doing that you will be popularizing science and helping scientists get more awareness that will maybe help them fund their research projects and output some useful applications from these researches. This is the goal of one of the book-driven platforms that book Dojo is about to offer to book lovers and book communities but I am not sure if this venture will succeed with zero dollars of funding. Bootstrapping a venture from zero dollars to millions of serviced people is something that has been done by some entrepreneurs but this does mean that I also can but I hope. It could be better if I get funds.

PS: Not even able to buy a domain name but this will not discourage me from ideating and building. If you want this domain name above then you could buy it.




​Papa makhtar Diop is before anything a geek or a nerd or both if you want. Geek and nerd are now overused but they used to name a knowledge driven person.

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Diop Makhtar

Diop Makhtar

​Papa makhtar Diop is before anything a geek or a nerd or both if you want. Geek and nerd are now overused but they used to name a knowledge driven person.

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