Angellist, From mailing list to market network

Naval Ravikant started Angellist with a simple emailing list that connects startup to investors. After growing this email list, the built a web platform that showcases the profiles of investors and startups with double-opt-in connection features which allowed a startup and an investor to start a conversation once each of them accepted. In 2013 Angellist had 100K startup listed and a lot of investors.

This traction gained, Angellist started finding related things shared by these two types of participants like how they will handle deals perfectly. So the model is that you connect the ones you seek to serve in a single place ( see my singlePlace model article here).

Once done you figure out tools that they will need and build them as features. These tools can be needed by only one type of participant or both. In the case of Angellist only startups need hiring but both startups and investors need investment round planning. By offering tools to the participants Angellist is pivoting to become a market network the goal being to get investors and startups always in the Angellist ecosystem because they have all they need (tools — people — news … ). To improve the market network size and benefit from network effect Angellist built an API on top of it so developers can play with it and connect their system.

This process still works you have a lot of people who are doing the same for example linchpin job started a year ago with a mailing list Now it looks like THIS



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