An analogy is a trigger of cognitive context switching

Tetris transformation with an analogy

And just because I saw again this image of the umbrella that I was talking about in my last article My mind’s cognitive processor started working on it. Since this umbrella was associated in my mind with gaming concept, analogy played its role, seeing that the patterns on the image look like Tetris, this idea of using an umbrella to block bricks like rain when our goal is to build something on the bottom of the screen came to my mind.

Tumbrella Game Idea

Like Tetris but you don't move the brick but use the umbrella for blocking the ones you don't need like these cognitive glasses that filter ideas and concepts I was describing to you when I presented you this picture of the umbrella. Like this one, This is also a simple game to build.

You can name it Tumbrella.

what if your mind wears a glass that doesn't filter out City landscapes concepts?

could the goal be to build this kind of city landscape?

go build it

analogy triggered a context switching that switched me from crowd trading to this game idea

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