Airline IrrOps management platform

When major disruptions to the flight schedule occur, a recovery plan must be developed and implemented with the objective of returning to the published flight schedule. Methods of achieving this result vary greatly depending on circumstances and individual airline culture and philosophy. American Airlines, for example, will sacrifice today’s schedule to operate normally tomorrow. Differing and conflicting sub-goals, such as retaining revenue or minimizing passenger inconvenience, are difficult to balance and currently beyond the capabilities of software to solve or optimize. (1)

With this excerpt from Airline Operation and Management the book of ….. you can clearly see that there is an opportunity for building software that will ease and optimize the management of airline operation disruptions. It will be easier for you if you learn about airlines networks architecture and management. Getting now operating airlines flights and putting them into databases for further analysis could be the first step for you to understands of each airline carrier manage its network of flights with its inventory of aircraft. With such data on hand, your platform could simulate possible disruptions and use artificial intelligence to output the best solution given business revenues and customer satisfaction constraints. I have already provided months ago such kind of simulation that could help the world prepare for major airline disruption due to environmental issues or acts of terrorism. This post is here below to say that it has been a long time that I write about the airline industry as I do for the financial industry, the tech industry, and the game industry.

As I said in one of my last articles, a tech entrepreneur willing to build and operate tech-enabled products and services should be interested in different industry and this will help her exploit the power of analogy that I was writing about here.

With this article you clearly see that Books are sources of tech-enabled products or services to build then reading them is of concern for a tech entrepreneur or a software engineer willing to ship creative tech-enabled solutions that ease the job of a segment or a whole industry.

Artificial intelligence will shape the work of today's airline carriers that have their networks of flights and resources more and more complex to manage by simple human beings like you and me because a lot of aircraft, people, and unexpected events are playing roles in the management of airline operations.

This is a tech-enabled solution that you can take and work on if you are skilled in artificial intelligence and software engineering like me because that’s what I am doing. If you need help and more information you can reach out to me and maybe we can work together for building the world’s best Airline Irregular Operations Management Platform.

You also can try to see how airports can benefit from Artificial intelligence systems.

1- Excerpt from the book Airline operations and management by Gerald N. Cook and Bruce G.Billig



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