Aircraft handles and design thinking

we say keep it with your two hands when we want to advise someone to take care of something. what’s the clue here is that the design of Boeing I mean the past aircraft commands control is better than the joystick because even if the pilot could use one hand to handle this

The designer already had given the possibility to the pilot to be more careful with its task because if she or he takes this handle with two hands of course it does mean that she or he has more control over the situation both physically and psychologically.

While with this design

The designer already tells the pilot to note care because computers and hydraulic systems are there to scale your inputs and transfer them to the aircraft systems.

Think that the first design is way better because it increases the sense of responsibility of the pilot.

It helps to understand psychology and cognitive science for designing better systems.

There is a good game idea about flight simulator and September, Take this with Two hands. Gameplay Extension is a business model too.

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