About This Promised GME Book

Gelongal an Artist of my country

God knows that I have long time ago considered this picture month before for a positive article about this book project about the short sale squeeze of Gamestop that I have been writing but as you may guess from the title of this article it is not a good news that I am reporting today and here when I say today I am just not telling the right story because I have started writing this article few day ago. Maybe between this date and now it was possible to me to make the decision of continuing to work on this book project which is almost ready to be published because a little more than 100 page long of explanation and charts is enough for who like me want to read and learn but I am not convinced by the opportunities and solution now provided by the book publishing industry which I think has not so much exploited the potential of technology to make book matter more for people and to use books for connecting people. I have my own opinions and solutions about how to but clearly lacking the resources needed to make these solutions into play and I won’t use the model of ideavirus which is in my point the best practice in term of book publishing because this model has proven its ability to put a book in front of the right audience who will eagerly share it and spread it because I thought and still think that I can bring a better publishing model than that and I believe that I have this model with me and that it is just a question of time and resources but soon or later this publishing model will prove itself as being the best.

But as your are a book lover there are hopefully millions of books that are better that this book that I promised few month ago. These books are better than this book about Gamestop because my believe is that a published book is always better than a sheltered on like this book about gamestop that I was trying to publish as the first introductory and launch book of Book Dojo this publishing startup that I am running since a little more than a year. Book Dojo is still an ongoing startup project very likely to pivot to this publishing platform that I was writing about in this article titled the tech journalistic field and will have something to with SeekingAlpha Medium and Twitter for those who need clear and informative insights that come from deep and science grounded theories.

What I have leaned with this book writing project is I how fast people jump on an event and create a lot of things to profit from this event some of them being good while others are just tentatives of making profits on behalf of the curiosity and willingness of people to know more about this event. I know how this plays out and I have been writing about the curiosity gap this cognitive effect that also benefits search engine that qualifies as being solutions for filling people curiosity gap. You can see that way back in … I was writing that google was into the curiosity business and you could guess that this gendered search engine is also into the curiosity gap but it could be more specific and exploiting more the possibilities of the minimum viable audience if it is set out to be into the tech curiosity business.

All my apologies for not keeping this promise.

PS: way back when I was writing about how to exploit artificial intelligence particularly detection of objects and OCR to process pictures and to detect and decode retail commerce stores that appear in the background as well as signaletic panels that could tell where the picture has been taken. Armed with such kind of AI tool you could detect all the pictures made in front of a retail store like this one that features this article. Another thing that we have learned is that this obvious fact which is if the picture shows a place that the potential reader is familiar with its day to day life or his culture he will be more likely to click on it. If for example in the background of this picture of this black star artist there was a GameStop or another retail store that you use to frequent you will be more curious to know why it is here. I was highlighting this fact in this past article where I was giving the example of a google map picture with a spot that highlights a place.



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Diop Papa Makhtar

Diop Papa Makhtar

​Papa makhtar Diop is before anything a geek or a nerd or both if you want. Geek and nerd are now overused but they used to name a knowledge driven person.