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From the 1281 startups analyzed 66 ended acquired by another company or startup. That’s 5.15% (66/1281) of the shelve of startups of YC.

From the 20 top tech companies below

WTP/HTW and VITO like BOOK-DRIVEN are domain-specific words.

Domain-specific Words

it helps to know and master the vocabulary of your domain and those of your target audience because each domain has its own set of words that only the insiders understand. These words are often reduced by the use of acronyms for gaining time and sometimes for clearly highlighting to the one we are engaging with how in we are. I have already highlighted the effect of acronyms in brands’ names here is one WTP/HTW that clearly tells about what you are talking about and what is your domain.

If you tell WTP/HTW to Roger Martin he can clearly know…

If I was the CEO of your company or startup I would give the customers or users all possible filtering choices that don't disturb them but help them filter out what is not interesting to them because it just allows you to know more about what they want and provide more features to your machine learning system that is programmed to classify users, customers in several groups using principal component analysis (PCA) or such kind of classification algorithm.

If you also want, you can also add to this machine learning system the data about display ads you gathered from websites…

Useful numbers for startups if you know what’s behind them, or the proxy

About 4,290,000 for music.

About 11,300,000 for book.

About 13,800,000 for blog.

About 7,910,000 for game.

About 2,280,000 for film.

About 8,920,000 for video.

About 7,330,000 for website.

I could iterate this using insightful real numbers but As Founder, I know that I could not start a startup that addresses all these mediums, genres, categories, or industries. So picking was an unskippable step. As I said in this last article I have not chosen the biggest number or neither the smallest. I just have chosen BOOK because I love books and there are some out there that are like me…

How tech is the board of directors

Machine learning in financial systems

It may help to know how tech is the board of investor of a given listed company or a given startup. There are studies that already have been made about the relationship between the board of directors and investors members. These studies used the theory we got from great mathematicians and scientists working on graph theory and the huge amount of data we got from the social platforms of great tech entrepreneurs.

Measuring the Tech Quotient of someone may be a possible proxy for estimating the level of tech interest and tech skills of someone. Given this Tech Quotient, we…

Examples of types of business model

there are venture-supported startups, bank-sponsored companies, investors-backed firms, SPAC-fueled corporations, and user-supported business models.

The last one is better and can be fan-supported meaning the business is supported by fans giving donations, customer-supported because they are eager to buy and always happy to buy again, user-supported because they like to use it and it provides them real value.

the Patreon user expects from the platform a fan-supported business model. The Quickstarter user expects from the platform a fan-backed project. The Crowdfunding platform user expects a crowd-funded startup.

There are a lot of people talking about Books and writing about books…

You will very likely have another exciting Experience of social media

Mater a Social Media app on IOS

Written “many” short articles about blogs and social media like our links with personal blogs here or here, mainly personal blogs. Already said that personal blogs still matter even if they became shortened by social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter to allow more people to produce content because it doesn't matter if you post 255 characters long post with them while you can be afraid about writing a 500 words blogs posts.

Discovered what sounds to be a great coming platform named Matter, alumni of YC batch S20 with a kind and sympathetic founder, Ben Springwater, and very likely

Knowledge creates economic growth, which spurs knowledge, which begets growth. That’s a viral growth cycle and the most important.

knowledge economic growth theory

For a long time, we thought that economic growth was driven by population and machinery through industrialization but it turns out the big factor of economic growth is not simply but hardly knowledge.

New growth theory, built on work done in the 1950s by Nobel laureate Robert Solow and championed by Stanford University’s Paul Romer, points out that knowledge, particularly technology, is crucial to economic growth.

More knowledge leads to more ideas that bring more and more knowledge and the cycle of knowledge continues this back and forth from knowledge to ideas. Ideas being the starting point of almost all…

because one of our people is there

MSgt John Chapman US medal of honor

Like MSgt John Chapman, I am leaving everybody behind and running toward the bunker I see right there in front of me.

I am leaving my leaders behind trying to be closer with the “ …..” but that’s what leading is all about allowing people to know when and how they can lead. Abandoning my plank, plank, fire tactics, and going straight towards the competitors' bunker because this bunker must be taken because one of our people is there waiting to be recovered.

Now I am in the bunker and fighting hand to hand with them. When you have those…

Karen Wickre and Debbie Weil two names of the publishing industry

Before anything else, I highly recommend you to buy and read these two formidable books but the book of Karen is Corporate Blogging Book not the cover in the picture.

@BookDojo we cared about the history of online publishing because we listened and talked to the early actors of the industry of print and online publishing and gathered useful insights from their creative and engaging works that put things forward by making them better. They are men and women like Karen Wickre and Debbie Weil

Karen made a huge leap and taught me that Book versioning mattered and still matter…

Diop Makhtar

​Papa makhtar Diop is before anything a geek or a nerd or both if you want. Geek and nerd are now overused but they used to name a knowledge driven person.

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